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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Yes I know I have been lazy and not posted anything since Monday.

But hey;

  1. It is my 48th birthday this week.
  2. I have been busy with the Unicameral trying to make a silk purse out of the sows ear they call a CCW law (LB454)
  3. I had to travel out of town Tuesday
  4. And in General I have just been to busy to do most of my daily reading let alone write to my own Blog.
  5. I am trying to get a post out today or tomorrow, but there is a really good gunshow in town this weekend and I am trying to put together my shopping list. (Don't expect much over the weekend ..hehehe)
  6. I appreciate everyone that keeps stopping by to check if anything new has been posted, if there are days you don't find anything new click through the links on my Blogroll. Those folks have good things on their sites.

All for now. Be safe & Keep the faith.


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