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Monday, January 10, 2005

Pocket Carry at The Shooters Carnival

Nine (mm that is) in the front right pocket
James Rummel has a post up at the Shooters Carnival in regards to Pocket Carry of a concealed firearm. This is an excellent piece for those that live in Free America and are recognized to have the right (ed... alibet with a government permission slip) to possess personal protection devices.

For those of you that live in infamous four forbidden states, file this information away for a future date when you can use it. If you live in one of those states now and have non-resident permission slips from other states to travel safely by all means consider the information Mr. Runnel offers.

As an aside: It has been my experience that lint tends accumulate in the business end of a magazine carried loose in a pocket, but then that may just be me.

I have added Mr. Rummels blog Hell In A Handbasket to the blogroll as well. He has been kind enough to link my contributions to The Shooters Carnival on his site and I am only too happy to return the favor. Besides that his site is a good read.

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