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Monday, January 17, 2005

Tidbits From Around the part of the Blogosphere that I read

Gunner at No Quarters has a piece up about legislation in Washington (the state) that makes it a crime to have a water barrel without a license. It seems that Paull Shin (sponsor) believes that the govenrment OWNS all forms of hydrogen-twice-oxygen no matter where it comes from. Translation; You can not collect OUR government OWNED rain, snow or sleet without our permission and/or before you pay the requiset Tax permit fees on it.

Kevin at The Smallest Minority waxes eloquent has an indepth and much more detailed piece on the fallicies of "ballistic fingerprinting" than I wrote a few days ago. Get a 2 liter bottle of something and a big bowl of popcorn and prepare to learn something. It is not as lengthly as Tolstoys "War and Peace", but by the time you get done reading it and all of the associated links you will truely understand why "ballistic fingerprinting" does not work.

Just a snippet of what Kevin covers;

Jed at Freedom Sight is considering re-implimenting the Weekly Fusillade.

Excerpted from Jed's original presentation;

So, it seems an opportune time for me to launch an idea I've had in my head for a while. I call it The Weekly Fusillade. It's yet another sort of a Carnival of the Vanities clone, except it's focused on firearms and the right to keep and bear arms.......... This will be a weekly feature, published on Saturdays. I'll probably just host it here most weeks, unless there's some reason I won't be able to be online on Saturday.

Jed initially started the Fusillade about the time I began Blogging and it was extremely beneficial to me that Jed accepted several of my dissertaions on Firearms issues in Nebraska for inclusion to his project. (as long time readers will note I have on numorous occassions profusely noted my appreciation to Jed for that)

Jed if my humble opinion counts for anything;


Jeff at Alphecca has an article that I can really identify with concerning remakes of movies and television shows. He aptly points out that a show should only be remade IF it can be done better.

Bad acting can not make a movie repleat with the latest in special effects a good movie, how ever good acting can make, amovie lacking special effects a great movie.

Well that is some of what I have been reading lately, check out any of it you find interesting.

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