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Monday, January 10, 2005

Pregnant woman denied a divorce

Judge says no to divorce until baby is born

Since the soon to be ex-husband is currently encarcerated in Montana, with what appears to to be slim hope of freedom for a while and the wife has one of those "magical bullet proof paper protection orders" the Judge not granting the divorce is not the most disturbing thing about this story.

Yes, I know the guy has been violent in the past and all that and I think she should get her divorce based on domestic violence grounds. But just because she will be a legal ex wife won't stop him from hunting her down if and when he is ever freed if he sets his mind to that.

Consider this though, the husband is currently in Jail in Montana awaiting trial on Federal drug charges.

Carlos Hughes is in jail in Montana awaiting trial on federal drug charges and Bastine noted that Shawnna Hughes has a restraining order that prevents her husband from contacting her, even if they remain married. But women's advocates worry the ruling sets an unsettling precedent.

The wife who has, apparently been separated from the husband for some time insists that hubby is not the daddy and she should get a divorce. The Judge says until it can be scientifically proven that the man in the Big Sky lockup is not the father he will not grant a divorce.

The wife has stated that the father is in fact a person who has been a friend since childhood;

She says she became romantically involved with a childhood friend, Chauncey Jacques, and that he is the father. Jacques is now in the Spokane County Jail awaiting trial on a federal drug charge.

Somebody help me here; Mrs. Hughes obviously has some intellegence. After all it does take at least an average IQ to be educated enough to be a Medical Assistant. Heck it is even a 2 yr degree program here at the local college. Hughes now has 2.75 children and all three of them are fathered by not one but two men who are both currently locked up, in two different states, on suspicion of federal drug violations? And she fully intends to marry the father of the baby currently jailed in Washington as soon as she is divorced from the husband who is currently jailed in Montana?

Further muddying the waters is Shawnna Hughes' reliance on public assistance. The state of Washington objected to the divorce because it might leave the state unable to identify a father and pursue him for repayment of welfare money used to support the child.

I'm not sure what the State of Washington is trying to say there, unless they are implying that if paternaty can not be determined then the husband will be responsible by default since he had the misfortune to be married to the woman when she got knocked up.

Personally I think the womans choice in bed partners is more disturbing than the fact that the judge won't grant her the divorce. He didn't say she wasn't going to get it, he just said it would have to wait until the baby is born.
I can understand her wanting the divorce, I'm just not sure in this case time is of the essence. It seems like the husband will be away for a long time anyway and the state has ensured her safety by giving her a "triple bullet proof guaranteed to ward off all evil protection order."

More to the point this woman needs to seriously re-examine what it is that makes a good husband or father. She made some mistakes, we all do, but maturity is recognizing a mistake before you make it again and again ad infinitem.

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