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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Sumatran Coffee Update

A few days ago I posted an article about buying coffee as a good way to help out the victims of the tidal wave.
In the Lincoln area there are at least two places that sell Sumatran Coffee, both of them located on P Street. I have patronized both places in years passed and experienced pleasurable experiences all around.

The Coffee House
1324 "P" Street
Lincoln, NE 68508
(402) 477-6611

The Mill
800 P Street
Lincoln, NE 68508

I am sure there are other places in Lincoln and this is not meant as a slight to any of those places that they are not listed. These two are simply places that I have been to, recommend and explained that I would be mentioning them on-line in a positive way.

If your into great coffeee you are probably familiar with these fine establishments and if your not and you enjoy a good cup of coffee why not broaden your horizens a bit and live a little.

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