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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Michael Moron's Gun Bearer Busted

Duped by Fox news; As with most things that seem to good to be true, alas so apparently is this one. The actual truth of the arrest appears here. Pat Burk was not a body Guard for Michael Moore at the time of his arrest, but had apparently peformed that service in the past. The former Marine in question has also peformed protection service for a number of public figures as well.

Although this erronious report should probably have been more deeply researched before Fox News published it. (If you can't trust Fox who can you trust?)

I apologize to Pat Burk for reporting such inaccurate information.

The Fact still remains that Michael Moore does avail himself of paid personal protection while, publically calling for the prevention of private individuals to do the same. In that regard I stand by the comments I made concerning the Slothen One.

It seems that one of Sleaze Bag Moore's gun toters has been slammed in a New York Jail for illegal possession of a firearm. If nothing else this ought to show what a two-faced hypocrite the pompous blow hard really is.

This is just another example of a self made publicity rat spouting off the tired old mantra of; Do as I say not as I do.

Of course this low life scum bag has people around him with guns, he can afford to pay for someone else to carry them for him.

There in lies the hypocracy; People like this can afford bodyguards and security people to protect them with guns, but you the commoner since you can't afford that you can't or don't need the protection.


That is the message that the likes of Moore, Clinton, Schumer, Boxer, Fienstien, Chambers, Schimek and a host of others are sending you.

What is really is;

A proclamation that our lives are more important than yours is, we are your leaders (self appointed or otherwise and we need to be protected. You of the common class are expendable. In fact there is an acceptable number of you that MUST die in a violent manner so we can use your deaths to further enact the restrictive laws that we envision for your future.

For those of you that seek to fall down in the presence of the gargantuan one and worship the sweat that runs off his fat ass, you should really know that Michael Moore couldn't give two hoots of a train whistle for you as an individual. Mikie Moron has an agenda, that agenda is to make money, your money.

If most people could see past what ever infatuation they have for the fat guy they would see the truth.

Moore does what he does for your money. If the eronious liberal crap that he espouses didn't sell he would be making Conservative documentaries instead. The only thing in it for him is relieving you of as much of your hard earned money as he can get you to part with.

I had already seen this and was going to write about it, but I saw that Head who penns Head's Bunker Blog beat me to it. I have been reading his blog for a few days and will surely be adding Head's Bunker Blog to the Blogroll in the near future.

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