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Friday, October 22, 2004

The Turtle Lady runs for Office

Wow I can't believe it, we have an honest to gawd valley girl running for the district 29 legislatvie seat. Angelika T.L. Byroth, (well maybe she's from Martha's Vineyard instead) Was asked three questions about the issues her answers sound like something Chrissy would have said on Three's Company. I have seen more intellegent answers recorded on the pages of the Weekly Reader (you know that paper we got in school that we ordered books from). But this is the same woman that legally change her middle name to the Tirtle Lady. Yes that is what the T.L. really does stand for.

Question: Should the state allow citizens to carry concealed weapons? Why or why not?

Answer"No. I am a citizen. I would want to have visible notification that I could be in harm's way so that I could opt to get out of harm's way, and in a hurry if need be."

Angelika's answers to the other two questions are not much better. It seems her solution to just about everything is that it is the responsibility of the federal government to take care of.

What does Ms. Byroth plan on doing if she is elected? Insist that the Unicameral pass nothing but resolutions that will be forwarded to the Washington D.C. commanding them to do something?

It is obvious that this candidate knows very little about the history of the United States it's Constitution and those of the states. Her solution to all that is wrong with nebraska is insist that the Nanny State respond.

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