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Friday, October 01, 2004

Vacation and Politics do mix

Since the comments on the debate I made this morning I had the distinct pleasure of having coffee with an old high school chum and noted fellow outdoor writer Bryce Towsley. (Yes, for those of you that don't know I am a published outdoor writer as well)

After renewing an old aquaintace and catching up on family affairs we got down to gun talk. (I haven't talked to Bryce in a couple of years) Bryce had just returned from a caribou hunt in Alaska. Since I used to live and hunt in Alaska so we had plenty of notes to compare. Winchester is apparently about to release another of their short magnum calibers, this one is a 325. Bryce indicated that it worked really well on caribou out past 400 yrds. Look for his articles on it in the forth coming months.

Our conversation eventually turned to the potential for repeal of the Washington DC gun ban and the sunset of the AWB. Not suprisingly, I guess, we pretty much agreed on what the future holds. If the Democrats win big in November it will be back there is no doubt about that. We also discussed the possibilty that should the Democrats lose really big in November they will be hell-bent on trying to get a renewal through before January 20th. I can almost see the deal offered up by the democrats now.

Dems: "We'll give you the DC gun thing if you give us the AWB back."

Reps: (After checking with the NRA) "NO DEAL"

Dems: "Ok you give us the AWB, and we'll give you the DC gun ban and let you keep the Hi-cap magazines."

Reps: (after running it by the NRA) "Ok Deal"

Ok OK it may not happen quite like that or it may not be those exact issues, but knowing how politics inside the beltway work, I can see something LIKE THAT coming down the pike.

I hope I am wrong but I don't think so.

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