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Saturday, October 30, 2004

John Kerry has stolen more than Honor

I have to say it.

In my last post I said I didn't need to rehash the myriads of information about John Kerry that has flooded the net. Call it thereputic if you want to, and i apologize, but there are some things I need to write concerning my thoughts on John Kerry.

Stolen Honor

Ken Cordier, Jack Fellows, Ralph Gaither, Paul Galanti, Carlyle "Smitty" Harris, Gordon "Swede" Larson, Tom McNish, Robinson Risner, Jack Van Loan, James Warner, Ron Webb, Congressional Medal of Honor recipients Leo Thornsness and George "Bud" Day.

All true American Military heroes, all POW's in Southeast Asia. These men spent years in captivity receiving unimaginable sessions of torture at the hands of the North Vietnemese.
Every single one of them has something else in common. To a man these American Heroes firmly believe that the actions of John Kerry prolonged their captivity by YEARS. Yes YEARS.

These heroes recount that during the physical torture their interogators berated them with the testimony John Kerry gave at both the sham "Winter Soldier Hearings" and in Senate testimony. These men were there, they know what they saw, felt and heard, they talk about it. Watch the film "Stolen Honor", look in their eyes and tell me they are lying. Even after thirty years they still posess the "thousand yard stare". John Kerry doesn't have it and never will.

John Kerry knew or should have known that his actions would be used against American Military soldiers still held as POW's. That he proceeded anyway demonstrates that he is truely without heart, feeling or caring for anyone but the furtherance of his own career. How much pain and suffering did not only the POW's endure, but that of their friends, families and loved ones as well?

I care What john Kerry did and is doing

Maybe John Kerry doesn't care, but I do. I have know these people, I know first hand what John Kerry did and the effect it had. No I was not a POW, but I did serve my Country and I wake every morning with the painful reminders that when you hunt men for a living they damn sure hunt you back. Yes I get a check for it every month, but that check does't help me play with my grandkids the way other Grandpas do. It doesn't allow me to do a lot of things that I would like to do. No I'm not a hero, I'm not trying to brag either, I am just giving some incite into where I am coming from. I volunteered and I served, just like millions of other Americans since the begining of this great Nation, there is no more or no less than that.

It is no different today, John Kerry is still disdainful of the Military and the brave young men and women that serve our Country. His assertion, that the administration is somehow responsible for munitions that were removed BEFORE we even invaded the Country of Iraq, is maligning the actions of the brave soldiers that were and are on the ground there. Ken Dixon knows the munitions weren't there, because he was there.

Despite evidence to the contrary John kerry still asserts that our brave men and women are derilect.

Tora Bora

Another baseless criticisim being promulgated by John Kerry is the "outsourcing" of the hunt for bin Laden at Tora Bora. America's best was there, America's best did their job. Recently David Limbaugh received an email from an Air Force Major that flew B-52 support missions over Tora Bora. The man that wrote that letter was there he wrote what he saw, heard and did, not what was prepared for him to say in a thirty second sound bite.

Despite evidence to the contrary John Kerry still asserts that our brave men and women are derilect.

Prolonging the wars
John Kerry's conduct gave courage and energy to the enemy and prolonged the conflict in Southeast Asia by a number of years and cost the lives of innumerable American servicemen. That is without question.

John Kerry's actions and comments concerning the current war are giving courage and energy to the enemy to hold out until he is elected President. The election in and of itsself is costing lives. What needs to be done George Bush cannot do and hope to be re-eleected. That he has to soft pedal certain actions to insure, not his re-election, but John Kerry's defeat is an affront that is necessary. John Kerrys own track record in public office shows what kind of leader he will not be. We had eight years of Bill Clintons devastation of American foriegn policy, we could not survive a Kerry Presidency and be the the Free Republic our Founding Fathers gave us to safeguard and keep. This is prolonging the war and costing American lives. That is without question.

All of these events are orchastrated by and for John Kerry so that he can further his own personal and political agenda. An agenda that, for him started long before he ever enlisted in the United States Navy. John Kerry is a character in a movie of his own making. He has writen, directed and starred in this quest for fame, money and power. He has heartlessly funded that extravaganza with the blood, sweat and lives of countless American citizens.

Say no to John kerry on Tuesday, as a Nation we cannot afford the sequel. He is way over budget now.

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