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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Dolan/Boles sling mud hoping they will look good by making their opponents look bad

Democrats pin hopes to last minute candidates

In the past I have commented on the Lancaster County Democratic Party and it's attempts to run a suitable cadidate that has a chance of unseating Republican County Commissionor Larry Hudkins. First it was "The winds of activism and academia blows me where ever" Todd Paddock. The winds blew him out of town and off the ticket long before the general election. Now the County Democrats have, as they did with Paddock, slipped their second string candidate, Wayne Boles, in the last seconds of the election.

Democratic Desparation in local election

While I was out of town for the campaigning at the monthly meeting of the Lincoln Independant Business Association I was not suprised when I heard what took place. Both of the Democratic challengers assailed their Republican opponents with charges they could never hope to prove, while saying little on how they would do things different. If you have no ideas or record to run on tear down the accomplishments of your opponent, even if you have to lie about them. That is acceptable modus operendi if the results get a Democrat elected.

It must be a Democratic strategy from the top down Re: Kerry/Edwards/Dean. If you have no record or plan of your own attack the opponents character, after all since it is Republican candidates being trashed character matters. It is only when the politician is a Democrat (can you say Bill Clinton?) that character doesn't matter.

Character only matters if the subject is a Republican
It is a matter of public record that Bernie Heier has been developing some of his property. It is also a matter of public record that when the county has to address issues concerning Heier's developments, Bernie recuzes himself from the board. For the duration of discussion and voting on any of his development dealings Heier is not even in the meeting room. He does not participate in, vote on, or influence the remaining board members in anyway on anything that he is involved in.

Nothing but forthright
Larry Hudkins and Bernie Heier are and have been above board and forthright in everything they have done whether it has been on county time or their own time. For their opponents Dolan and Boles to suggest otherwise is disingenuous and mudslinging at its dirtiest.

Another prospective
Van, at the website Vans Opinion comments on much the same thing and sums it up by saying that Dolan, Boles and Planning Commissioner Jon Carlson need to PUT UP or SHUT UP.

Say anthing Do anything
Anybody can say anything they want to and political opponents are fair game in an election cycle, but Dolan, Boles and Carlson, it is a reflection of your character when you so wrongly smear your opponents to further your own political agenda. Carlson has a personal axe to grind in this simply because he is at odds with Heier and Hudkins over planning issues that Carlson would like to see implimented.
Maybe someone should ask Jon whether he really supports Dolan and Boles or is he simply on a campaign to avenge his differences with Heier and Hudkins.

Van says: Dolan, Boles and Carlson PUT UP or SHUT UP?
Gunscribe says: I second that.

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