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Monday, October 11, 2004

If Wayne Boles is so commited to the city, why is he running for a county seat?

Some time ago, when I noted that Wayne Boles had been tapped to replace the "Wanderer" Todd Paddock as candidate for County Commssioner, I promised to have more on the subject.

Wayne Boles, has Planning Commission member Jon Carlson actively campaigning for him. This puts him tightly in the back pocket of said commission and Boles own statements prove it. Carlson, is and has been at odds with the County Commissioners on several issues, has a personal agenda in seeing Boles elected and makes no apparent bones about it.

At a recent campaign appearance Boles took a cheap shot at his opponent Larry Hudkins for developing some of his own property. Said property is within the city limits of Malcolm, Nebraska and not necessarily the concern of Lincolnites and the planning Commission.

Boles attempted to imply that, as a developer Hudkins was using the board for his own personal gain. One of the major dissagreements between Hudkins/Heier and the Planning Commission is the use of land in the county proper. The city of Lincoln has a state statutory say in everything that is done within a 3 mile area OUTSIDE of the city limit. The Planning Commission tried to impose a 180 acre county wide rule on development.

In essesence this mean that only one family structure could be erected on any property that is 180 acres or less. If you have raised your children, own a farm and want to build a house on that farm for the off-spring that will be working the farm with you, you would not have been able to do that had the Carlson Planning Commission gotten it's way. Hudkins/Heier fought that proposal down to a slightly more acceptable 20 acres. I hope you can see here why the planning commission/Carlson want Hudkins/Heier ousted.

Wayne Boles who, if elected will represent the entire county, by his own admission cares only for what happens in the Capital City.

Boles said that he accepted the invitation to run in the general election because of his "interest in being a part of the crucial issues which will be addressed in the State's capital city during the next four years."

Is that plain enough? Want more? The truth is Boles had no interest in running for commissioner until he was talked into it after Paddock took his powder.

Boles claims he is interested in history, it is apparent however that he is not very knowledgeable of it. He either doesn't know or is unwilling to admit that the people are the boss and further states that you as a private citizen have no powers until he bestows them upon you. This is not someone who has a firm grasp on what public service is or should be.

In a Democracy, the citizens empower officials by electing them. The elected officials, then, empower the citizens, by listening to them.

No Wayne we elect you to do our bidding and listen to us, all the time, everytime. We are not empowered because you grant us a token few minutes to speak at a commission meeting before you vote the way, Carlson wants YOU to anyway Wayne.

"All citizens who live in Lancaster County," Boles commented, "have a stake in the capital City's orderly growth. For instance, those of us who live in Malcolm, Raymond, Agnew, and Emerald, along with the other communities of .......... and the convenience of all the departments of state government."

That is what it is all about for Wayne Boles, and Jon Carlson, the Capital City and the CONVENIENCE of Government. Well guys I don't want my government representitives to have convenience, I want my government representivies to have to work hard, very HARD to convince me that what they want to do is fair and CONSTITUTIONAL. Convenience for the government means loss of liberty and unneccesary intrusion into the personal lives of all citizens and it should be abhored by anyone that calls himself a citizen.

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