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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Movies you won't see on the big screen: The entire Bush trilogy as a special boxed set

Avaiable, for a limited time only this is the special collectors edition you have been waiting for. This boxed set contains all three exciting made for the big screen episodes of the Bush Chronicles. This set will sell fast, get yours while you can. Look for the Bush trilogy at a vendor near you. I bet you don't find it though.

The Bush Identity
This film sets the stage for a guaranteed sequal. In the begining see how a young George Bush, in search of his own identity, embarks on a series of drunken escapades, college pranks and shadowy National Guard service that will set the stage for the rest of his life. The movie ends with our now reformed hero slaying the deplorable Ma Richards at that ballot box to become Governor of the state of Texas.

The Bush Supremecy
This is the long awaited sequal to the still popular Bush Identity. Now President, George Bush must contend with cleaning up the foriegn policy debacles of his predesessor. Before he has a chance to get a firm grasp on the situation, Bush finds he must masterfully use every tool at his disposal to blaze a firery trail of victory and retribution across the burning deserts of the Middle East. Rivaling even Lawrence of Arabia, the generals under Bush's command formulate and execute a plan that will insure the future safety of not only the United States, but the entire free world.

The Bush Ultimatum
The third and final movie in this Bush series finds the President seeking re-election. Starting out slowly with his free ride trough the primaries, this movie picks up the pace as it speeds toward the general election. Relentlessly hounded by his competitor and his allies, watch how Bush skillfully deflects cheap shot after cheap shot. The excitement builds as the plot thickens will G.W. get the re-election he so richly desires? This one is a nail biter right down to the wire. You'll just have to stay for the credits, I'm not letting this one out of the bag.

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