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Friday, October 22, 2004

What the county races boil down to

Dolan seeks to avenge Steward
The two seats up for grabs on the Lancaster County Commission boil down to an act of retribution. Mike Dolan has stated he is running against incumbant Bernie Heier, because he blames the Commission for Cecil Steward not being reappointed to the City/County Planning Commission. What Dolan doesn't say is that Steward asked to only serve two years of a six year term.

Stirring up Controversy where there is none
Dolan further asserts that Heier has a conflict of interest serving on the Commission. Heiers family has been developing some of their holdings outside of the city. As I have reported in the past anytime an issue of Heiers development comes before the Commission he recuzes himself not only from the panel, but from the room as well. No one has ever successfully accused Bernie Heier of a conflict of interest. There is none. This doesn't stop Dolan from "thinking" that Heier continues to use the board for his own personal gain. Dolan, they've looked it just isn't happening, get over it.

The City takes Presidence over the County
Dolan like Wayne Boles, who is running against incumbant Commissioner Larry Hudkins think that the County should revolve around the wants and needs of the city. The city comes first to these people and they think that for the benifit of the city they should have a say in what happens in the whole rest of the county.

They don't care what the voters have said
They have also done nothing but whine and cry that the entire make up of the Commission is Republican. According to Dolan the party make up in Lancaster County means that there should be at least two Democrats on the Commission. Well how do you suggest they get there Dolan? Should we just scrap the electoral process and let two Democrats of your choosing take a seat on the Council because you say that it needs to be so.

Their efforts are frustrated by what the voters want
Dolan, have you ever heard of free elections, the ballot box, or the people have a say in who represents them? Maybe there are five Republicans on the Commission because the people you want represented prefer it that way. There are five Republicans because this is America and the county held free elections and a majority of people elected them. Sorry to dissapoint you Dolan but it is the people that decide who will represent them not you. If you don't like the fact that the people don't or won't vote your way get over it, it probably means they don't agree with you.

They don't recognize the County Contribution now
Dolan and his running buddy Boles, like the people they are seeking to avenge Carlson and Steward think that the County and everyone in it should revolve around and kowtow to the wants and needs of the city. They seem to think that the County would not exist it it weren't for the city and it's money.

They are some of the people that think that people that live in the County and work in the city should pay extra taxes to the city for the privilige of working in the city. What they can't seem to realize is that a very large portion of the income these people make is also spent right here in the city. How can they not know that people come to Lincoln from all over the county to buy groceries, clothes and Husker Tickets. The people of this county support this city by spending the money they earn right here in the city.

Dolan ignores the Real Issues
There are so many more issues and concerns in Lancaster County. That Candidates like Dolan and Boles can only attempt below the belt attacks on Hudkins and Heier and one issues speaks volumes about their character. They are only running to put a democrat in office. Any Democrat, as long a Democrat wins. Why? Because they have profiled the party make up of the county and can't just assume the two seats they believe belong to Democrats. They don't that the citizens have a say with their vote, they really do believe that there should be two Democrats on the Commission based on the population of Democrats in the County.

This election is about power and revenge. A few select people in the city want the power to force their plan on the city and effect the make up of rural development as well. They are upset that their co-horts Jon Carlson and Cecil Steward have been rebuffed.

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