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Saturday, October 09, 2004

What a way to spend a Saturday afternoon, Family, Firearms and Fun.

Just got back from a trip to the range. We were out doing a little practice for the bowling pin shoot next weekend.

Mrs. Gunscribe made the finishing adjusments to the sights of her Walther P22. It is a new firearm and this will be the first competition for it. She has it dialed in to the point that she was popping clothespins off the top of the target backing at 25 feet.
(Shooting those little clothespins at 25 feet is good practice for pin shooting. After a few rounds of clothespins, bowling pins look HUGE in front of the sights.)

Jr. spent most of his time looking over the sights of a .41 magnum in preparation for next weekends contest. Toward the end he just couldn't help but show off a bit by shooting the clothespins one handed in the duelers stance.

His father-in-law worked the target board and pins over with his Ruger Redhawk in 44 magnum. Dang nice gun in my opinion, but the trigger reset is to long for me, when shooting it double action. You gotta let it allllllllllll the way forward.

Our youngest son spent the afternoon getting used to a recently aquired Star BM that he wants to try on pins. It is one heck of a fast shooting little gun and accurate beyond what you would expect for a 9mm Spanish 1911 clone. (I would not hesitate to carry this gun as a ccw piece, and I am not that easily impressed when it comes to firearms. Hell I just started shooting Glocks two years ago.)

As for me, I just kept plugging away with my Glock 23. I was trying some new loads in 180gr. I am hoping that the 180's will clean the table a little more reliably than the 155's I have been using for carry ammunition. I was pleased to note that no sight adjustments were neccesary. I shot thirteen rounds from a bench rest at the 25 foot distance (to check the zero) and had one very ragged hole dead center point of aim.

The highlight of the afternoon was when the Mrs. borrowed the 44 mag. Our two sons had never seen their mother shoot any handgun that big before. (ed...I have..hehehe) I watched them as they winked at each other when she stepped up to the line. The smirks and grins turned to saucer size eyes and dropped jaws when this petite five foot one inch woman put six for six in the paper bowling pins we were using for targets. There is two male adult children who will go to bed tonight with a little more respect for their mother than they had when they woke up this morning.

All in all it was the most wonderful of days. Family, Fun and Firearms, I'm telling yuh, it just don't get much better than that. Oh yea I all most forgot and a six pack of O'Douls after the firearms were secured and the range cleaned up.

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