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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Gun Owners of America have already rated Connealy

It seems Matt Connealy's reputation preceeds him.
It is still 20 something days until the election and already the Gun Owners of America has given Matt a rating. An "F". Apparently they see the same things in his State Senate voting record that I have articulated here. Also note that Fortenberry is listed as "NR" (not rated). Jeff has not had any opportunities to vote on firearms issues as yet, and the GOA has only his campaign rhetoric to rely on, as do all of us voters do.

I am not a campaign or Republican insider as some have alleged, but I have spoken with Fortenberry on these issues and he has looked me in the eye and shook my hand while telling me how he feels on the subject. I am willing to give anyone a chance, and Connealy, in my mind squandered his with his voting record in the state senate.

Firearms owners and hunters in the Cornhusker state would do well to heed Connealy's rating by the GOA as an omen of things to come should he be elected.

10/07 1600hrs UPDATE: Even the NRA already has Connealy's number, well a letter anyway. Matt scores a "D".

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