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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Why I will be re-joining the NRA

For many years I have not belonged to the NRA because I felt that they were more about compromise than actually defending the status quo.

Wayne La Pierre, a dynamic and engergetic speaker, was one of the speakers at the Gun Rights Policy Conference last week.

From listening to him speak I have formulated the following observations and opinions.

It appears that the NRA is going global. This is not new news to anybody that pays attention to these things, afterall there is now an NRA presence in Great Britain and Austrailia. The thing that interests me is that the NRA leadership has indentified how much of a threat the United Nations is becoming to the private ownership of firearms in America.

For some time now La Pierre has been engaging Rebecca Peters in a series of debates concerning firearms ownership in America and other countries. Ms. Peters had a very big hand in the gun control laws that were enacted in Australia. George Soros, the money behind and several other anti-Bush, anti-American 527 groups, arranged for Peters present position at the United Nations to pursue global gun control (confiscation).

Finally taking a no compromise position the NRA ala La Pierre is standing up to this threat to our American liberties and fighting it tooth and nail.

It is my observation that the NRA will still maintain the Eddy Eagle, Firearms Instruction certifications and all of the other functions that they now sponser, including a lobby presence in our Nations capitol.

In large part part though it seems that the NRA is, to an extent, passing the torch to some of the other grassroots organizations to carry on the fight for firearms owners in the Nations Capitol and the individual states.

As I said this is only my observation that I have fomulated from listening to speakers and talking to some prominent people in the last few weeks. In truth I hope I am right on this, because until I heard Wayne speak on the subject I didn't realize how critical it was. It is definately a role that needed assuming and I am glad the NRA has shouldered the mantel.

Note I'm not sure if some of this is what GeekWithA45 is alluding to or not, I hope it is and I hope he will be able to say something about it soon.

It appears, in my opinion, that the NRA has found a niche that needs to be filled and they are implimenting a full bore take no prisoners attitude in dealing with it. There is no doubt that it needs to be done and for my money (literally) I hope they succeed.

This is why I have decided to renew my membership in the NRA

UPDATE 10/7 2:10 AM It seems that the Rebecca Peters/Wayne La Pierre debates are going pay for view, according to a post made to in the last few hours.

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