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Friday, October 01, 2004

The debate

I did have a chance to see the debate last night from the hotel room here in Vermont.

It seemed to me that Kerry could have had early access to some of questions, either that or he was really prepared with "canned" answers. He was just to quick with a response at times and there were several questions that he did not answer.
Instead of telling us what he would do, he spent two minutes telling us how the president got it wrong.

From what I saw he dodged any real answers to the tough questions by deflecting his lack of a plan or position.

The President was not as strong as I had hoped he would be with his answers, but he did have specific answers to the specific questions. It was also obvious that he was speaking from the heart and ment what he said.

For style I would give it to Kerry. He must have learned a thing or two about acting from his Hollywood buddies. For sincerity and substance I have to give it to the President.

Question: Am I the only one that thinks Kerry through his appearance and certain mannerisms tried to emulate former President Reagan at times?

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