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Friday, October 29, 2004

My thoughts on the Presidential race

With Just a few days left until the election, I have to say I have been more involved in this one than any other. No I have not been an operative for any party or candidate, although I do know some of the candidates personally.

This election came on the coattails of the demise of "the failed to do anything but penalize law abiding citizens semi-automatic weapons law". I spent a lot of time in the last year or so making phone calls, disseminating information and penning articles to ensure that it was not permanately renewed. I have always followed politics and candidates positions to a certain degree and always voted. When the "AWB" was defeated I continued to channel the remaining energy into the politics of the people I know and support. In some ways this was relatively easy, as these candidates have very public track records, that I, for the most part agree with.

Concerning the re-election of George Bush, I had some reservations. I Have always felt that more could and should be done about securing our borders than was being done. I favor legal immigration and feel that it has a tremendous benifit for our nation. Most all of us are decendant of immigrant ancestors. There are people that do enter the United States illegally. I know that many of them want what we all want, to work for the betterment of our families. There are a number of these illegal individuals that come here for criminal intent. Our borders need to be more secure to prevent them entry. No I know we can't stop them all, but we must stop more than we do.

I also have not had as much faith in the President concerning firearms issues as many others have had. I was encouraged when he didn't press the re-authorization of the "AWB".

Concerning John Kerry, there has been plenty written on the web about him and I won't re-hash all of that. I have my own experiences with Senator Kerry. I have been around for more than a few decades and know the real John Kerry. I begin by remembering his anti-American diatribe of the early 1970's. I remember because I was wearing a United States Military uniform at that time. I know the effect his words had, I felt them first hand. The soldiers, sailors and airmen that I served with were the men and women he was slandering. Since Kerry has been an elected politician his views and attitudes have not changed. John Kerry's voting record proves that he still does not support the men and women that fight for his right to say and do the things he does. I knew the shallow depth of Kerry long before I read John O'Neils book "Unfit for Command". I don't know how anyone that has military service or family in the military could vote for this man. There never was a doubt in my mind, I would not be voting for John Kerry, I just for a time was not sure I would be voting for George Bush either.

John Kerry does not deserve the vote of anyone that truely understands what it means to be an American.

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