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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Nebraska Democrats Take Notice

First a bit of background

Last year the state house and senate in the state of Missouri passed a law authorizing concealed carry in that state. Governor Bob Holden (D) lobbied against it and in a show of contempt for the will of the people through their legislators vetoed the measure on the weekend of 4th of July 2003.

The law was returned to the legislature where each in turn overrode Governor Holden's veto allowing it to become law.

Fast forward to last week

Missouri had two Democratic candidates to vote for on their primary ballot, Current Governor Bob Holden and one other person. It seems that the Democratic name that will be on the November ballot is "one other person". (His name is not important at this time).

Listen up Nebraska Democratic Candidates, Missouri fired their Governor last week because he opposed the will of the people. Missourians cherish their right to keep and bear arms. Many were very insulted when his Roayl Highness (er ... I mean ... Governor Holden) chose, of all days, Independance Day to slap them down a peg or two, because he knew what was best for unwashed masses.

Governor Holden toed the party line and forced his high handed socialist anti-gun agenda down the throats of the people that elected him, once too often. They responed in true American fashion by firing his "uppety holier than thou attitude" last Friday. Come January "One Term" Bob Holden will join the ranks of the jobless in the un-employment line, for deriliction of duty to the people he was elected to represent.

Democratic anti-gun politicians of Nebraska, and any other state for that matter, please take note that this is a new Country since 911 and the sleeping giant is beging to stir and once again take responsibilty for it's own safety and security, which is as it should be. Lastly Nebraska has an un-employment line just like Missouri, and California by the way.


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