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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Movies you won't see in a theater near you .....Well maybe one of them you will

Ok break time!! I have been doing some pretty serious writing lately and so i thought I would get away from that for a little Humor.

If this idea turns out to be fairly popular I may turn it into a regular monthly item.

Here are some Movies that you won't see at your local box office anytime soon:

Billboy - Rated - XXX
A Cinematic adaptation of Bill Clintons political career. Billboy, the cigar smoking, party-hearty horny super hero of the liberal left, delights in escaping the restrictions of public service. Much to the delight of the audiance, and to the dismay of his political handlers, Billboy routinely escapes the trappings of political life and embarks on crusades of debauchery and womanizing.

McKerry's Navy - Rated - PG
Thirty Six years in the making, this comedy relief grossly exagerates the extrordinary accomplishments of Navy Lieutenant Junior Grade John Kerry's and his pet dog VC. The battlefield graphics are such that the viewer almost feels the sting of the rice grains when Kerry single handedly manned the twin fifty caliber machine gun, an M-79 grenade launcher and the helm of his Swift boat all at the same time. Filmed with entirely his own home video camera this comedy chronicles the entire 4 month tour in South East Asia.

The Runamuck Jury - PG
A big screen production about John Edwards rise from middle income obscurity, his years at law school and some of his more famous lawsuits. Sparing nothing about Edwards meteoric rise to the top of the creme de la creme of society this movie is filled with heart stopping ambulances chases and gut wrenching backroom deals. Ending with Edwards Democratic nomination for Vice President this film is sure to spawn a sequal.


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