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Friday, August 06, 2004

Fortenberry squares off against Connealy

In January of 2004 Jeff Fortenberry tossed his hat into the national political ring. He is a Republican seeking the seat held by Retiring Republican Representitive Douglas Bereuter (Bee-writer). Jeff is pretty much Dougs own hand picked candidate to replace himself as U.S. Representitive for the First Congressional District.

Fortenberry appointed Governor Mike Johanns (R), U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel (R) and outgoing U.S. Representive Doug bereuter as his campaign co-chairs. Fortenberry is also supported by U.S. Representitive and former Nebraska University head football coach Tom Osborne (R).

According to his website Jeff supports the Second Amendment and firearms ownership for hunting and personal protection. One can only hope he is sincere on this and is of his own mind despite the RINO attitudes displayed by his co-chairs and supporters.

Before being elect to the Governors mansion Johanns was Mayor of Lincoln, Nebraska. It is not that Mike's history is that of an anti-gun politician, it is more that he never seemed very pro-gun either. In due fairness as Governor Johanns has repeatedly stated that, if the Unicamral sent him a concealed carry bill he would sign it.

The out going Doug Bereuter has never been a friend to firearms owners and has an "F" rating by the GOA.

Chuck Hagel as a Senator is not much of a gun owners friend either, his GOA rating is only a "C".

Personaly the most dissapointing (for me) is that in the few years he has been a Representitive Tom Osborne has only managed to gain a "C" rating from the GOA as well.

Will Jeff be of his own mind on firearms issues or will he be the RINO that his closest supporters are? Time and an election will tell.


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