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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Well it looks like I have been knocked down a peg or two....Not

Well it looks like I have told and right goodly and in a redneck sorta way too.

Over on today a person asked about open carry in the state of Nebraska.

Rather than wax eloquant in a post there I referred him to my blog where I have discussed the issue at length, inviting him to leave comments if he needed any follow up information.

The truth about Concealed Carry in Nebraska

A follow up and a challenge

Those posts are replete with links to the actual State Constitution and all applicable statutes.

It seems though that an individual that goes by the screen name "hayduke Lives" took exception to the fact that I said open carry is legal, generally trashed my blog and had some very impressive things to say about my style of writing: Gunscribe... Your Blog is by far the most unorganized piece of drivel that I have seen thus far concerning firearms. Did you get you literary skills from the Anti crowd?

UPDATE Since I posted this reply to hayduke Lives criticism of me on packing, his post has been removed by the moderator. I knew it would be, even though I had e-mailed the moderator to please leave it up.

Hayduke then goes on to say that: To answer the original posters question....No you may not open carry in Nebraska, Just as the database states. You will be arrested. You may not even carry in your vehicle. Locked and in the trunk, ammo separate is the only way to legally get a firearm through Nebraska

Just for your information hayduke Lives, a concealed carry law has not passed BECAUSE there are some members of the legislature that insist we don't need it because OPEN CARRY IS LEGAL.

Hayduke then asks us to TRUST HIM because he has travelled through Nebraska before: Trust me. I have traveled 42 of our 48 contiguous states and have been in contact with law enforcement from every state that I traveled through.(For my own protection)

Forgive me for laughing here hayduke, but I live here, I am familiar with the law and I am in contact with members of the Law Enforcement Community everyday. I even train with them at different times of the year. I know for a fact that OPEN CARRY is acceptable in the state of Nebraska with the exceptions I have previously noted for the cities of Omaha and Lincoln.

I may not be the next John Grisham or Tom Clancy, hayduke but I know the facts before I put them to paper (or Blog), that is something I cannot say for you.

Let me restate that just so you, a person that doesn not live here, can understand it OPEN CARRY IS LEGAL IN THE STATE OF NEBRASKA.

Open carry is professed to by every member of our State Government and its political subdivisions that I know.

Again, hayduke, as I said to you on my post at packing; Thank you for the compliments, I really do appreciate them.

My challenge still stands provide credible Constitutional directive, statute or case law that it is legal.


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