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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Show me the "Assault Weapons" ...... what??? you mean there wasn't any???

The secret ATF report found that the 9mm semiautomatic pistol remained the weapon of choice for criminals here.

Oh really I thought it was those evil "assault weapons" that Sarah and the Million Commie Mommies are always talking about.

Gorenstein gives us two numbers 4,852 firearms siezed, 2,909 of them were traced.
He then proceeds to regale us with percentages without telling us which number he is referring too.

Ok I pick the big Number
Only 175 guns, or 3.6% were taken from people 17 and under? Wow, I thought ... didn't Sarah say that there was and epidemic of kids with guns?

1,051 were taken from people 18-24, whom at least in age, are legaly able to posess a handgun in most localities. So what does this statistic have to do with anything? Well for people with common sense nothing? It is only important when you realize that the horrible "children killed every year by guns death statistics" produced by the Brady Bunch and the Million Commie Mommies include children up to the age of 24.

Guns moved pretty quick from a legal purchase to a life of crime? Time-to-crime average range is 3 to 6.7 years!!! Why not just say 4.85 years? That is almost 5 years, most people don't keep a new car that long before they sell it off to a friend, family member or trade it in.

According to the report Nearly 1500 of the guns had no crime code or catagory, and all they can say is SOME of that number could have been found or turned in.

60% of the nearly 5000 guns were bought right there in Pennsylvania, but we just have to be told that less than 100 (388 total) guns came from each of the states of Georgia, Virginia, Florida and North Carolina. Not suprising since our society is much more mobile than previous generations, and people just don't leave all their posessions at the "old house" and start over again at the "new house". (Or if the author used 2,909 it would only be 58 (233 total) from each of the four other states listed.)

I have read this article over repeatedly and I have to ask WHERE ARE THE DREADED ASSAULT WEAPONS?
For the countless last years the Brady Bunch, the Million Commie Mommies and a multitude of other anti-gun groups have subjected us to a daily barrage about how mean evil and nasty those assault weapons are and how they need to be totally banned because they are the primary tool of the criminal element.

Now we have a story about 4,852 guns siezed in Philidephia last year and not one, single mention of any assault weapon seized.

What's up with that?
Somebody wouldn't be lying to us would they?


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