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Monday, August 23, 2004

I did not have swift boat relations with those Veterans, Ms. Lewinsky.

As in everything else in his life John F. Kerry is trying to have it both ways on the controvercy over his Southeast Asain service and the congressional tesimony he gave under oath upon his return "from the land of bad things".

Taking the tact that his critics at Swift Boat Veterans for Truth were not actually on "his boat", they didn't serve with him and cannot be a credible source for verification of his repeated gallantries. Kerry and/or his handlers, discount the fact that the boats usually operated in "packs" of three to six and that these people, "that didn't serve with him" were never more than yards away at any given time. Several other people recieved medals for heroism during the same incident based on "after action" reports written by John Kerry. Obviously they weren't there, before they were there.

Democratic spinmiesters and sympathetic political hacks are now claiming that Kerry did not specifically mean the people, that he claims didn't serve with him in the Swift Boats when he refered to the atrocities he witnessed, by himself and the people he served with.

Well tell us Senator Kerry who were you referring to? When Kerry said; "I participated in and/or witnessed these horrible events", who else could he possibly be referring to?

He can only mean the people in the Swift boat unit that, in his infinate wisdom, our rich uncle assigned LtJG Kerry to. There is no record of Kerry being assigned to any other unit during his "quarter tour", his fellow Swifties are the only people he could be talking about.

I didn't serve with them, before I served with them = "They can't comfirm my heroic exploits, because they didn't serve with me on my boat. They were serving with me when we committed atrocities as a unit when we did serve together on separate boats."

I served with them before I didn't serve with them = "I witnessed and participated in those atrocites when we served together, but they weren't there to verify my heroism, because they did not serve with me on my boat."

Either Kerry served with them or he didn't.

This whole thing is reminds me of an Al Gore comment; "I didn't know it was wrong and I deny doing it, and I promise I won't do it again, and besides there was no controlling legal authority when I did do it." (parphrased by me)


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