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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Chuckie goes to the Whitehouse (another sequel)

Family and friends know that I have been saying for months that Swnator Chuck Hagel (R-Ne) was being groomed, or was grooming himself for The Presidency.

"Where there is smoke there is fire."

Chuckie as reported in one of my previous entries has accepted an invitation by Former Senator/Governor Bob Kerrey (D-Ne) to co-host a bash for Presidential hopeful Senator John Kerry (D-ma) in the "Big Apple" around the time of the Republican Convention. While his fellow Republicans are working hard to insure the re-election of President Bush, Chuck Hagel will be wining, dining and smoozing with with the Democrats.

Hagel told the press that he has three options. I maintain he has a fourth, that being run for President as a Democrat, being he acts and votes like one most of the time anyway.

In Sundays edition of the Lincoln Journal Star Hagel told reporters that; "You get into politics because you want to accomplish things," Hagel said. "That means you have to have influence. Visibility in politics helps develop influence."

Well pardon me all to Nebraska Chuckie, but I thought a person got into politics to serve the people, not soley to futher ones own agendas.

Hagel went on to say that "I don't think we planned well. I don't think we prepared well. I don't think we understood what we were getting into."

Personally I think it was planned well, how many of the extremists, that consider the United States an enemy, have been drawn into the battles in Iraq? The U.S. presence in Iraq is drawing them out of hiding from all the other countries that support terrorism. We are facing most of them at one time, in one place with the best trained Military this World has ever seen.

I think we were as prepared as we could be considering the eviseration done to our defense capabilities by the previous adminstration. An administration who's idea of fighting a war was to arrest them, take them to court and let them participate in a diversion program if they promised not to do it again. That is a lawyers mentality, fighting bullets and bombs with stacks of legal paperwork. When a military type regime has sworn to kill everyone of us to the last man, you send in the best trained fighting force you have and kill people and break things until there is nothing left. I'll never understand why lawyers can't figure this out.

I think the Administration understood full well what we were getting into. We are drawing them into battle on their own home turf (not Hometown USA) like moths to a flame. They (the terrorists) just can't resist the opportunity to "go kill Americans". They threw down the gauntlet on September 11th and decreed that the streets of Hometown USA would run red with American blood. They started the war and the Administration understands that we either take the fight to them in their lands or it will have to be fought here at home and many more American men,women and children would suffer the same fate as those in the Twin Towers did. How hard is that to understand?

Chuckie really does have four choices, He can run as a RINO for the Whitehouse, He can run for re-election as a Senator, he can switch parties and run for the Whitehouse or to use his own words "I can get out of Politics".

If advice from your constituency means anything to you Chuckie, Get out of politics at the end of your current term and resign as Chairman of the Nebraska George Bush re-election Campaign now. The President deserves a Campaign spokesman that has his whole heart in the job, not someone that will spend a good deal of time during the Convention smoozing and cutting up with the opposition.


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