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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Fortenberry's positions on the more important issues of this election

I just can't resist writing another blog about Jeff Fortenberry. I have met the man and had him look me right in the eye and say things I never thought I'd here from a politician. Good things, things I wanted to here.

Jeff's positions on the issues facing us today practically mirror my own.

Taxes are a fact of life, and Jeff understands how President Bush's tax cuts have helped our economy and believes those cuts should be made permanant.

He also knows "it's the economy stupid" and has some very good ideas to make it stronger than it is getting everyday.

Fortenberry supports the war on terror led by Mr. Bush and understands why he took us to war in a foriegn land. (If the streets are going to run red with blood, then let it be terrorist blood in a far away land and not American blood on the streets of hometown USA.) {inside parenthisies are my thoughts not Jeffs}

For a long time a lot of us Americans have wanted something done about our borders, and have been disgusted with the lack of aknowledgement that somethings needs to be done. Jeff wants to do something as well.

Marriage is a union of one man and one woman. Having been married (this month) for 28 years to my first and only wife I understand this. So Does jeff Fortenberry. This does not make us homophobes, as we don't care what anyone else does in the privacy of their bedroom, Just don't call it marriage if it isn't one man and one woman.

On the second amendmant his website makes it pretty plain. "I will agressively defend our right to keep and bear arms, to hunt and to protect ourselves with firearms."

Judicial activism (or legislating from the bench) appears to be a pet peeve of Fortenberrys as it is one of mine. He wants that kind of judge off the bench as bad as I do.

Check out his web page (I have linked it to this article) and see for your self where Jeff Fortenberry stands on the issues. For everyone that reads this in the First Congressional District Jeff needs you vote on November second. For everyone else a short E-Mail noting your support would go along way toward keeping the moral and momentum going in the Fortenberry for Congress camp.


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