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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Connealy's postions (or lack thereof) on the issues subtitled: Why Matt won't get my vote.

Democrat Matt Conneally's positions on the issues differ quite substantially From his opponent. Taking the same tact as John kerry, Connealy is passing himself off as a "hey I'm a regular hardworking American just like you". In truth Connealy is much more closer to being a regular American than Kerry will ever be again.

That does not belay the fact that Matt is a "dyed in the wool liberal", and his positions reflect that.

Concerning the budget deficit Connealy blames Washington's fiscal irresponsibility for the 500 billion dollar deficit. Yet on defense spending he wants us to believe he is a Hawk and wants to spend more in that area. "Hey Matt did you ever stop to think that, if your buddy Bill Clinton had not evisorated the Defense Department on his watch that we might not be 500 billion in the tank today? Or if Slick Willie had actually stood up to some of these people in the past maybe we would not have had a September 11th as we now remember it?)

Taking another cue from Commander Kerry, it seems that Connealy is satisfied to sit back and wait for another attack on American soil. He fully supports spending money to train our Cops, firefighters and EMT to respond to another crisis. I think they should be trained as well, but if we bring our gallant men and women home from the front (see his positon on the war in Iraq) then we will certainly be attacked here again. Matt wants our soldiers home as soon as we can get them here. This defensive attitude will only lead to more American lives lost on the streets of Hometown USA.

Connealy is calling for middle income tax breaks, but only for healthcare and tuition payments. What kind of deal is that???? Matt listen to me, Tax breaks stimulate the economy just look at the growth the democratic party is pretending doesn't exist and why only for healthcare and tuition payments???? Why not in their take home pay??

Oh Oh I know let me answer this one Matt.. It is mostly a feel good idea that won't make a hill of beans difference to anyone it is purported to help. Since the upper 10 percent of the American population pays over 90% of all the taxes letting the middle class have a few dollars of their money back for the Doctors office and Juniors College fund is a good way to buy votes without really getting up off of some serious dollars that you want to dole back out because you know better how it should be spent on us than we do.

One last thing, Matt have you ever heard of the Second Amendmant?? I have to ask since it is an election year issue and there is nothing on your web site about it. In fairness it does say that you hunt, but what is your stand on the issue??

Oh wait I can answer this one too Matt.. How's this? There is nothing on your site about the Right to Keep and Bear Arms because you toe the party line on this one. You know it is a losing issue (just ask your buddy down there in Missouri, One Term Bob Holden I think they call him. Poor fella, sitting Governor and he couldn't even make it by the primary) but you still want American citizens defenseless in the face of increasing crime and terrorism.

Matt I have to say that your web site is as telling for the things it doesn't say, as it is for the things it does.

The communist party has endorsed John Kerry for President. John Kerry is a Democrat. You are a Democrat, do you accept the support of your party by the Communist party Matt????


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