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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Matt Connealy wants to start a gun collection ...Yours

As I have previously written Matt Connealy is no friend to gun owners, even if he has hunted on the family farm.

I am not going to mince words on this at all.
Nebraska hunters, Matt Connealy wants your gun and if you send him to Washington you are helping him take it.

Connealy own responses
In 1998 The Gun Owners of America asked Connealy if he would oppose legislation banning the manufacture, sale or possession of semi-automatic firearms.

Matt Connealy in 1998 told his constituancy that he did if fact oppose such legislation.

When asked that same question in 2002 Matt Connealy had changed his mind. As of two years ago Connealy is on record supporting legislation that would make semi-automatic firearms illegal.

What this means to Nebraska Hunters
The question did not ask about a particular type of semi-automatic firearm it just said semi-automatic, meaning ALL OF THEM.

Nebraska hunters pay attention here: That includes that Browning Sweet Sixteen passed down to you from Granddad. That includes the Remington Model 1100 that Pop still uses every year in the family duck blind. It also means that new Benneli 10 gauge you bought last year, for a thousand dollars, will have to be turned in and melted down.

Or how about that Remington Model 742 in 30-06 that has been in the family for a few years. Yup that too. Wait a minute does that include the Colt 1911 wall hanger that Gramps brought home from WW II or that German Luger he liberated from that Nazi Officer? Yes, especially those.

Oh and that Ruger 10/22 that you bought the kid last Christmas, box it up and carry it down to the police station now. Best break the kids heart now and get it over with.

Maybe some of you think I am being a touch facitious here. Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. Wanna send Matt Connealy to Washington and find out?

Mr. Connealy goes to Washington

OK so you send Connealy to D.C. and he doesn't ban your semi-automatic firearms, pay close attention to this next one.

In 1998 Connealy was asked Do you oppose laws that would require that the police give permission prior to a person buying a firearm.

Connealy responded that he supported the idea that people would have to get permission from the police before they could buy a firearm.

Ok so your right, and I'm wrong, he doesn't ban Elmer Fudds favorite gun, if he gets his way on the police required permission legislation, he doesn't have to.

Since you would, if Connealy gets his way, have to go ask your local police chief or high sheriff for permission to buy a gun everytime you want one, how many do you think you'll get permission to purchase and what kind will they be?

Your just going to have to forget that slick little Remington Model 11-48 in 28 gauge you got your eye on, that is a semi-automatic firearm and you know how the top cop in your town feels about them.

But hey that old Stevens single barrel in 410, on that rack over there, is still a good gun... isn't it? And didn't the chief give Abe permission to aquire one of those in 20 gauge last week? Should be a rubberstamp on that one aye?

No, Hunters of Nebraska, I am not being facitious, I am stone cold serious. There are organizations and people in this country that want to take away our guns, every last one of them. Including that flintlock that has hung on your family mantle since your Great Great Granddad homesteaded the Nebraska prairies.

They want your duck gun, they want your pheasant gun and they want your deer rilfe and they are in a continuing process of getting them.

But who are THEY?
Are they Republicans? Yes, some of them, at least on outward appearances Chuck Hagel, and Doug Bereuter are among them.

Are they Democrats? Yes, by and large it is members of and/or people that support the Democratic party that want to, either outright ban private ownership of firearms, or create so much government red tape that it would be impractical or impossible to own a firearm in America..

The real Matt Connealy
Matt Connealy may shake your hand and tell you he is the salt of the earth, from an old Nebraska farm family, but by his own admission he doesn't want you to own guns for hunting, recreational shooting and especially not for personal protection or for the defense of your family.

In January of 2002 Matt Connealy voted with Ernie Chambers to deny you the right to carry a concealed firearm.

Consider that before you pull the lever for Matt Connealy in November.


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