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Friday, August 13, 2004

Chuckie takes a bride (a rated-R for RINO horror thriller comes to life)

I am absolutely livid over this, and I mean livid. Although I guess I should have expected it from that RINO anyway, even if he is the Nebraska Chairman for the Re-elect George Bush Campaign.

I was going to wait a few days before I posted this but I am just too livid to let it go.

Senator Chuck Hagel (R-Ne) has agreed to consort with the enemy. But then this shouldn't suprise anyone, especially me, because Hagel has been an "agent provocateur" for the Democrats almost since the day he took office any way.

Some months back The President asked that the legislature send him a "clean bill" on the Gun maker lawsuit exemption legislation. "Republican" Chuck Hagel voted to attach the AWB to it as an amendment, thusly stabbing the President in the back.

Then what does the esteemed Senator do? Two weeks later he is on the KLIN morning show with then host Steve Lundy, crying and whining because he couldn't get the President to support him on anything.

Hey Chuckie ever heard the old axiom "one hand washes the other"? Or "dance with the one that brung yuh?" You shiv the "Big Guy" from behind right in the short ribs (or was it a kick to the crotch?)(No I don't think you could have looked him in the eye and dissed him like that it was a kidney shot) and then you have the oversized solid gold cajones to expect him to do you a favor in return? Must be some good cornsilk they got back on the farm Chuckie.

Well Chuckie while your up there in the "Big Apple" smoozing with the two Johns and a Bob why don't you just be honest with us and and make it official by switching parties. You haven't been much of a Republican anyway. Oh yea and by the way, a bunch of us are glad to see your RINO co-hort-in-crime in the House (Bereuter) going too. Is he invited to this "hold hands and sing Kum-bi-ya reminicent of the 60's style love in" too? Has Hanoi Jane and Linda Rondstant returned their RSVP's yet?

As a side note it perplexes me that Bob Kerrey ex Democrat Senator/Governor from Nebraska (Hagels co-host for this demo cuddle party) and true American hero stands by John Kerry like a solid old oak tree.

For those that don't know it Bob Kerrey is a true American Hero. He is a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honnor. He earned his though. But then while Governor he had Linda (vote for kerry) Rondstant shacking with him in the Gov's crib when he was in charge of the state.


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