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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Connealy supporters out in "Force".... Literally

Minding our own Business
While the wife, son and I were out running errands we had, from what I hear a not so isolated experience with an apparent Kerry/Edwards/Connealy Supporter.

From out of nowhere
While travelling south on a major city street, a young man in a pickup truck roared up behind us almost rear ending my wifes car (I was driving, she lets me sometimes). The driver then laid on the horn and pulled up beside us with his window down yelling obsenities, while several times slighty swerving his truck toward the passenger side of our car, and he was waving his arm out of the truck giving us the finger.

After several seconds of this rude behavior the driver accellerated and sharply cut in front of us, causing me to hit the brakes to keep from running into the back of his truck.

At the light
At the next light we ended up stopped next to each other where he continued his fingering and berating.

I rolled down the window, and asked him what it was I had done to upset him. He replied that we were just ignorant and stupid (or words to that effect).

When I indicated with a shrug of my shoulders that I still did not understand his behavior, he pointed to the rear of my wifes car and flipped us off again. At this point, the light turned green, he was pulled straight away and we completed our left turn.

It finally dawns on us
It was then that it occurred to us that he was re-acting to the Bush/Cheney and Jeff Fortenberry for U.S. Representitive bumper stickers that my wife had so lovingly put on her car last month.

Democracy in action
There you have it three citizens of the United States of America going about their business are verbally assaulted, physically intimidated and harrassed simply because they chose to express support for a specific candidate/s.

This is one of your supporters Connealy
Way to go Connealy, your supporters are out in "force" on your behalf complete with their foul mouths and rude gestures. They also seem willing to endanger the lives and safety of anyone that doesn't agree with you Matt, and or Kerry/Edwards for that matter.

Update 9/12/2004 - What I couldn't say when I wrote this entry.

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