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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Democrats use University to set up and trash Fortenberry

Hey Ian? Hey Kate? Ever heard of the 5 P's?

Proper Planning Perevents poor performance

It seems that a couple of Campus organizations decided at nearly the last minute to plan a debate, and then trashed one of the candidates for not agreeing to show up.

I guess they had to try something since the Micheal Moore luv-in fest fell apart on them.

"ASUN sent its invitation late in the year, most invitations came in June or July," said Fortenberry campaign manager Jessica Moenning, "but ASUN’s came just this month." (bold mine ..ed)

So you waited until the last minute and your upset that someone won't jump through hoops to get you what you want. Gee I bet you'd expect your Dentist to see you in 20 minutes for a non-emergancy too. Sux when you can't have your own way doesn't it?

Taking the temper hissy to the press
Russell and Weichman used the Daily Nebraskan (Campus Newspaper) to throw their own little pity party sans the cheese and crackers.

Government Liaison Committee Chairman Ian Russell said he was shocked Fortenberry would not take part in a campus debate. “It’s crazy,” he said.

The only thing crazy here is your last minute attempt to make Fortenberry look bad. As the Government chair you have know for months which candidates had won their primaries. Can you say procrastination Ian. Or did you have to find your own way of dissing Fortenberry since Micheal Moron ..errr.. oops ...Moore stiffed you for MOORE money.

Association of Students of the University of Nebraska President Katie Weichman also was surprised. “I don’t understand why they would not see this as an important group of students they should cater to,” she said.

Cater to? Cater to? Well excuse me Kati this group of students you want the candidates to CATER TO, wouldn't be the same ones that got so upset when they found out that the Campus Police were not going to be their own personal auto-club anymore?

Oh Waaaaaa we have to jump start our own cars now? Oh Waaaaaaa I locked my keys in my car AGAIN, somebody call the Campus police to open my car doors before I'm late for class AGAIN. What they won't come, isn't that what they are there for?

The Green Party candidate hasn't said yes yet either and all Weichman could say about that was that she was hopeful.

Gee ... Maybe there is a good reason why Fortenberry can't make it.
Could it be ....... oh .... I don't know .... an alredy FULL SCHEDULE??? Jessica Moenning, told the college procrastonators ( I wanted to say cry babies) that Jeff already has a full schedule set that includes at least one debate a week until the election.

Count them, Fortenberry has already appeared at five debates or forums with at least FIVE more scheduled IN LINCOLN.

Moenning, even offered to work with the University to get students to one or more of the remaining events.

A fine example Kati
You and Ian wait till the last possible minute, thinking no one would dare turn you down. Then they do, because they have a FULL SCHEDULE. Even after they offer to help you accomplish your goal of getting students into the candidates audiance you run to the campus paper for a cry and whine fest about how shocked you are, that they weren't at your beck and call.

Important questions
“To abandon our plans now would say to the Fortenberry campaign that it’s OK to not ask important questions,” Russell said.

The only important question here Ian is this really a genuine case of procrastination or was it, knowing Fortenberry couldn't commit, a well orchastrated attempt to make him look bad?

I'd lay odds it was both.

Note: Ian Russell is also the ( can you say operative)Director of OPERATIONS for the Lancaster County DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

Gee I bet everyone is suprised to hear that? NOT

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