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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Another trip down memory lane (this ones about guns)

I wonder if I had anything to do with this. Maybe they are reading my blog at Connealy campaign headquarters !!!!!

I was against firearms, before I was for firearms
Back on August 8th I noted that Matt Connealy had nothing to say about the Second amendment on his website and in follow up articles I have detailed his public positions on firearms ownership. Connealy opposed concealed carry in Nebraska and has provided some rather nefarious answers to survey questions posed by Gun Owners of America as far back as 1998.

I wrote, One last thing, Matt have you ever heard of the Second Amendment?? I have to ask since it is an election year issue and there is nothing on your web site about it. In fairness it does say that you hunt, but what is your stand on the issue??

At least John Kerry will handle a gun in public Matt
Miracuously Connealy now has a second amendment statement on his website. He even allowed a picture to be posted of himself, standing"near someone" holding a gun." Maybe he just doesn't want to be seen holding one of those evil scarey "almost was made illegal" assault shotguns. Connealy's website pronouncement that he supports the second amendment because he is a hunter indicates that he still doesn't get it.

Matt how many times do you have to hear it before it starts to sink in
The second amendment IS NOT ABOUT HUNTING. The founding fathers never intended it to be about hunting. That statement has been used by gun control proponents to divide and conquer gun owners for decades. "Oh noooooo we're not after your deer rifle or your shotgun." Well that little charade came to a screeching halt with the proposed legislation that would have made the Semi-Automatic Weapons ban permanent. Connealy ends his position statement on firearms by saying that "he does not support any new gun laws. Oh really Matt, when did this revelation overcome you. Oh wait I see, that is why you opposed CCW as a state Senator, you oppose new gun laws.

It is nice to see Connealy finally say something about firearms, but it is a dog that still won't hunt. Matt Connealy is asking us to accept the fact that since becoming a candidate for Congress he has, become "one of the enlightened" and done a complete 180 on his previous stance on firearms. I'm not sure how his potential congressional Democratic collegues, will feel about this miraculous conversion to opposong any new gun law, but then hey I'm not buying it either.

Note:In a previous post or comment somewhere... oh yea I remember where it was .. it is here, (comments ..ed) I pointed out that Matt Connealy would say or do what ever it was that would most benefit Matt Connealy and his pet projects. I guess I was right on this one too, Connealy has flopped on the issue. Connealy may know his mind when it comes to the soil, but when it comes to the rest of the things he will be called to act upon, he will say what ever he thinks he needs to to get elected.

First I was against firearms before I was for firearms, but I voted against firearms, before I said I would vote for firearms. Did I tell you I am a farmer in Nebraska? I have 3 blue ribbons you know.

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