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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Fortenberry, "I don't have to run from my party AND my National leadership."

Jeff Fortenberry and Matt Connealy squared off in debate today at the State Fairgrounds in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Who's your man for the White House Matt?
Under the foramt the cadidates were able to ask each other questions. Democrat Conneally chose not to answer, when Fortenberry challenged him to state who his Presidential vote would be for in November.

Well maybe Connealy does support Goerge Bush for President after all. I doubt it. Matt Connealy knows that the National Democratic Party and the Kerry camp are way to city liberal for folks in Rural Nebraska. He has got his wagon hitched to the Kerry train, he's just to embarrassed to show the conductor his ticket.

It is obvious that Connealy lacks the knowledge necessary to intellegently discuss the health care issue.

In another point of obvious disagreement, Fortenberry argued for tort reform that would limit the ability of patients to sue doctors. "In some places in the country, it's easier to sue a doctor than to see a doctor," he said.

Connealy said such lawsuits are not an important factor in the health-care debate. "The main reason health costs are out of whack is because of the underlying cost driving them," he said.

Wake up Matt your dreaming
Hello Matt, those lawsuits are the reason there is a critical shortage of Doctors in some parts of the country, especially rural areas, (like NEBRASKA Matt) and why there is a growing shortage of Doctors in certain specialties.

There have been news stories "ad infinitem" over the last several years with quotes from Doctors about why they won't practice in certain areas and/or certain specialties (like NEBRASKA Matt).

Matt, Doctors don't come to rural areas because they don't get enough patients to cover the cost of the required malpratice insurance (like NEBRASKA Matt).
Matt one of the underlying cost is the high price of malpractice insurance.

Tax cuts permanant?
Fortenberry said make them permanant. Connealy said he wanted a bigger share of the cuts directed at the middle class.

I guess Connealy doesn't want to see them made permanant since he wouldn't say it.

Matt what is wrong with the same percentage of tax cut for everyone?
If the tax cut is 10 percent, Matt, why can't everyone have the same 10 percent? Why does the guy/gal that makes 100,000 only get a, lets say 2 percent break or none at all and the middle class guy/gal at 40,000 a year gets the whole ten?

Oh wait I know, it is the typical Democratic strategy, take from the rich and use it to buy votes ....errr ahhhh I mean fund welfare.

Did I tell you I was a farmer?
Matt Connealy is using his history as a farmer in the same manner as John Kerry is using his Swift Boat experience. "I'm the only one here that is qualified to be Representitive, I know agriculture, did I tell you I was a farmer? Want to see my 4H ribbons? I got three blue ones you know."

Or is that "I'm the only one here qualified to be President, I was in combat, did i tell you I was in Viet Nam? Want to see my ribbons? I got three purple ones you know."

Matt it isn't what you did on the Swift boats ... err sorry.... I meant on the farm (keep getting the two of them mixed up), it is what you did in the legislature that we are judging you on.

You know like that bill you introduced that would allow illegal aliens to attend the University at the same rate as residents pay. Matt the University budget is in a crunch and you want to make a law that lets people here illegally pay a cheaper rate of tuition than somebody from Iowa?

What's up with that Matt?.

Matt is to ashamed to admit he supports John Kerry. (Ed ... I know he's not supporting Bush) Matt is uninformed on healthcare (Ed... He can't see the impact of the law suits on the cost of insurance) and apparently Matt wants to raise your taxes. (Ed.... He won't commit to making the tax cuts permanant)

But in Matts own words he is qualified for the House seat because he knows how to grow corn, just ask him I'll bet he'll show you his 4H ribbons.

Disclaimer: This is not a slam at the 4H, do not construe it to be so. I happen to work with the wonderful kids that participate in 4H every year. It is a very worth while program, and it is something I gladly DONATE time to every year.

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