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Wednesday, September 08, 2004


AWB DRT? Maybe ... for now
I hadn't heard this myself, But Clayton Cramer is reporting the AWB as being dead.
WASHINGTON - The fight to renew a favored ban on assault weapons effectively died Tuesday after the lead Senate sponsor of a bill to continue restrictions on the sale and manufacture of some semi-automatic weapons conceded defeat.

Walking the Walls
Walking the walls is a blog created by Publicola, triggerfinger and GeekWithA .45 to provide up to the minute information on the ABW progress, now that the legislature is back in session.

So far there have just been the usual rhetoric.

The NRA attacks Kerry
Say Uncle reports that confidence at the NRA headquarters is so strong that they are not even going to run ads, against the renewel, instead they are taking on Kerry abismal record on the Second amendment.

As Bitter puts it "Beautiful"
Bitter links some real good information concerning the bruhaha that has erupted about John Kerrys new shotgun. The one that would be banned if he had his way.

And now on the local front
Two, a Matt Connealy supporter gives his take on last Sundays debate at the Nebraska State Fairgrounds. I guess everyone knows, by now that I support his opponent Jeff Fortenberry and logged my comments on it a few days ago. It never hurts to know what the otherside is thinking though.

Added 11:00 pm

Did he want a recount?
Al Gore was busted recently for doing 75mph in a 55mph speed zone. He sent his check to pay the fine well before the deadline. I guess he learned his lesson the last time he demanded a recount. The Cop said he was even polite about it.

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