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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Driver admits to police it was the bumper stickers for Fortenberry and Bush/Cheney

Last week I published a post that detailed an incident of road rage commited against us because of two bumper stickers on our car supporting Jeff Fortenberry for the U.S. House and Bush/Cheney for the Whitehouse.

What I couldn't report at the time was that the incident was reported to the Lincoln Police Department, complete with a decription of the driver, his motor vehicle and his license plate number.

Last evening the very professional and courtious Officer that took the original report called to tell us that, he did indeed harrass us BECAUSE of the Republican candidate bumper stickers and ADMITTED to it.

He did not confess to his actions concerning the movements of his vehicle or yelling obceneties, but he did confess to waving his arm out the window and giving us the finger BECAUSE we support Jeff Fortenberry and George Bush.

He was issued a citation by the Lincoln Police Department for Disturbing the peace. And we will be going to court to testify against his disgraceful and possibly life threatening actions.

I was taken to task by a couple of people in the comments section of the original post. I hope this clears up any confusion they may have had, considering they weren't there at the time of the incident and have only Monday morning quarterbacked the entire incident.