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Thursday, September 09, 2004

The Editors at the Lincoln Journal Star need to be reading this blog... Then maybe they might get something right.

Cut & Paste Drivel

In an editorial today, the Lincoln Journal Star published what appears to be a cut & paste pass along pity party. It can't be anything else, it looks just like the crap we are seeing from all over the country.

Blame the NRA

Neither side in the hotly contested presidential election wants to be seen as favoring gun control and feel the wrath of the powerful-beyond-its-numbers National Rifle Association and the rest of the pro-gun lobby.

It is not the wrath of the NRA and other pro-gun lobby groups. (ed... If memory serves me the NRA had a hand in agreeing to some of things that were included in the bill in 1994) It is the wrath of large numbers, even a majority, if you will of "Red-blooded" Americans in this country that probably don't even belong to those groups.

Any American adult that is even remotely mechanically literate understands that this bill never did anything important. It has not reduced crime, even the CDC and the NIJ attest to that. It did not ban 19 guns, it banned cosmetic features.

Editors follow along, here is an analogy: The 1994 AWB had the SAME effect as if you made hood scoops and rear deck spoilers illegal in order to ban fast cars.

Did you get that or was it too much for your journalistic lock-step cut & paste brain cells to digest?

Lies, More Lies and Damnedable Lies

That is a sad commentary on the state of American politics and the power of overheated rhetoric.

The only overheated rhetoric is coming from editorials such as this one, The Brady Bunch and what's left of the Million Commie Mommies.

Rhetoric is for those that don't know what they are talking about. Uhh Guys at the Star, errr... ummmm.... That would be you.

Law enforcement almost universally favors continuing the ban
Law Enforement favors anything they deem might make their job easier, and it is the upper eschelon levels of law enforcement that are purposely mis-stating what the ban really is. (Read that as: purposely lying to people about what the ban is realy about.)

The new version INCLUDES hunting guns Editors

There has been no concerted effort to take guns out of the hands of sportsmen or to extend the ban beyond the 19 specifically cited weapons.

I guess the editors have not read the latest version of the extention and enhancements as proposed and sponsored by high level Democrats.

Editors - Click here for a copy of the latest copy of the bill

Editors take note;If it passes in the form it is in now EVERY SINGLE SEMI-AUTOMATIC HUNTING SHOTGUN MADE TODAY WILL BE ILLEGAL. And that includes the one John F. Kerry accepted as a gift in West Virginia last week. Do you got that editors is that sinking in to your liberal bias anti-gun mush for brains?

They really are after our HUNTING GUNS.

With very few exceptions all of the 19 firearms the editorial refers to are still on the market today. All that law did was ban things like bayonette lugs, so that someone could not mount a knife on the end of their gun.


Automatic Weapons have been regulated for 70 years already, where have you been?

Those who would argue that keeping automatic weapons off the market is somehow the first step on a slippery slope to gun registration and control ignore the evidence of the past decade.

I know that things can get pretty slow in sleepy little Lincoln, Nebraska on any day except Game Day.... SO WAKE UP DOWN THERE EDITORS AND READ THIS:

Posession of full automatic firearms without a tax stamp and a background check by the federal Government has BEEN ILLEGAL SINCE 1934.

For the mathematically challenged that is 70 YEARS. The sunset of the 1994 law HAS NO EFFECT ON THE 1934 LAW. HELLLLLOOOOOO !!!!!!!!

As for the slippery slope of gun registration???? Read my previous blog entry. The City of Lincoln has been illegally registering handguns for years. First step? Lead to?? Good Morning Capital City it is already here.

Editors - Click here for the Lincoln ordinances concerning firearms.

While some of them have undoubtedly made their way into the wrong hands, America's streets are safer because the assault weapons, designed for military use, haven't been easily available. But that doesn't seem to matter to the Washington politicians.

Gee Editors you really do lead a sheltered life don't you? I guess no one told you about that super secret 5000 gun study the Government did in Philly. Bad guys prefer One and two pound handguns that they can easily conceal, not some seven to twelve pound chuck of heavy that is two and a half feet long.

Editors - Click here to read the super secret facts.

Anything will undoubtably make it into criminal hands, possibly even the DVD player in your bedroom. They are not harder to get today, than they were 10 years ago today. (before the ban went into effect) No I can't get a firearm with a bayonette lug, but then again I don't want one. And how many bayonettings were there before the Ban and since?

You haven't let ignorance stop you yet
It is obvious that the editorial staff at the Lincoln Journal Star knows absolutely NOTHING about firearms and the issue.
If you did you wouldn't be publishing such made up nonsense.

Editors - Please note that I did my jouranlistic duty here and cited my sources. (Wheres yours?)

If anyone of you cut & paste copywriters at the Editorial desks knows anything about firearms maybe you can explain the meaning of the Renewal Bill to the rest of your cronies.

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