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Friday, September 17, 2004

Shock .... A local main stream media outlet reports the economy is actually getting better

In a radical departure from the economic doom and gloom that has been assaulting us on a daily basis for months the Lincoln journal Star is running a story that contradicts ... dare I say it .. John Kerry's assertion that the economy is in the toilet and about to be flushed.

It had been reported in the past that there was a $300 million plus projected shortfall. As of Thursday Gerry Oligmueller, Director of the Governors budget office reported that as the economy has improved the state has collected $139 million more than anticipated.

In fairness that does still leave a projected shortfall of $168 million.

For an economy that is as bad as folks like John Kerry and certain other local partisans have been telling us it is this is some pretty amazing news.

The Economy has gotten so bad that in a matter of months the state of Nebraska has collected nearly 50% of the projected shortfall.

If that is what John Kerry defines as a bad economy, maybe we need some more of it.

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