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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Nebraska needlessly sends jobs overseas

For the second time in as many days I am giving a link to someone that usually presents an opposing view to mine.

This time I happen to agree with his assesment of the situation.

I have never been a fan of our Governor Mike "the RINO" Johanns (R Ne), even when he was Mayor of Lincoln.

The sad part is that Johanns apparently has his eye on a Senate seat now held by ex Governor Ben Nelson (D Ne). That's a tough call, but I think at this point I would vote Nelson. (yea you read that right Two)

Two in his commentary Exporting Nebraska takes the state to task for issuing a contract to India, that was fully capable of being handled by and awarded to an in State company.

This kind of outsourcing is unnecessary, and from what I have read he is right on the money in his assesment, I just wish he had provided some links for a more in depth reading on the subject.

Suprisingly, in all of the socializing I have done lately this is one subject that has not come up in casual political conversation. It just doesn't seem to be having the effect that I thought it would when I first heard about it.

But then I suppose that is just another reflection on the apathy of the sheeple in the Cornhusker state that I have commented on in the past.

It is disgusting that the attitude is; If it's not happening in Nebraska why worry about it, and if it is happening in Nebraska as long as it doesn't effect me why worry about it.


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