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Friday, September 17, 2004

Not just for women, what Connie Du Toit says applies to everyone

My criticisism of Senator Schimek

Some time back I published a piece about State Senator Dianne Schemek and her stance on Concealed carry in Nebraska. My main point was that the Honorable Senator Schimek was doing a disservice to the women in her district. My detractor chastised me for trying to speak for all women in general and her in particular.

That was not my intent, my intent was to illustrate that for all her pomp and circustance Schemik was denying all of her constituency a personal freedom to make a choice about their own safety and security.

The only other comment was from a Homocide Detective that stated he would rather console a woman that had successfully defended herself with a firearm, than console a woman that had been raped and beaten, or the family of a woman that had been raped, beaten or killed.

Fear Itself
Recently Connie Du Toit wrote an article, from her own perspective, called Fear Itself.

I took the liberty of lifting just one paragraph from her inciteful dissertation as a teaser for you to read the whole thing.

It happened, literally, the day I left the range for the first time. I knew how to fire my own gun. I knew how to defend myself—and was “equal” to the strength of any man with that gun. It didn’t matter that it was a small caliber. It didn’t matter that I wasn’t an expert marksman. I knew I had a better than fighting chance and it was a feeling I’d never had before.

Mrs Du Toit makes some compelling points that bear consideration by everyone concerned about their safety and security, not just women.

Much thanks to The Smallest Minority for pointing it out.

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