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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Now that Homeland Defense Firearms Restrictions are gone

The "AWB" is history.
I have been giving thought to what a lot of people will be blogging about, concerning firearms, until it raises it's ugly head again. And it will.

First I want to thank everybody that constantly wrote about this, took the time to contact Representitives and educate the uninitiated. I think a genuine difference has been made. How much remains to be seen. Even some in the major media outlets started getting it right, or almost so, at the end. There are a lot of people that now understand what it was all about, that either didn't know or were apathetic to it.

We have made a difference.
Knowing that all of you were out there blogging and seeing the difference it made has given me a renewed hope for the future.

I am just wondering how much of a difference it will make if all of the efforts that went into the defeat of the "AWB" were now directed at any of the state and local situations.

I have specifically addressed the detriment the "AWB" the renewal would have Nebraska firearms owners in particular.

The Second Amendment is not about hunting
I know that the Second amendment is not about hunting and sporting firearms, however, yesterday I was fortunate enough to have airtime on a local morning talk show. I had time to formulate what I wanted to say and felt I needed to address points that would have the maximum impact Nebraska gun owners.

The first was the futility of "the ban" itsself and what it accomplished. The analogy I used was that making hood scoops and rear deck spoilers illegal in an attempt to ban fast cars had the same effect as the AWB.

The other point I felt needed to be made addressed the additional restrictions of the renewal bill. Twice, I was able to explain that new defintions now classified all semi-automatic 12 gauge shotguns as assault shotguns including those used to hunt Upland game, Deer and Waterfowl.

No, the second amendmant is not about hunting and sporting purposes, but for those that have been lead to believe it is, they need to know that there are people in government that really are after our "Elmer Fudd guns".

Those are the people I was talking to yesterday.

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