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Thursday, September 16, 2004

So what's the point? Nothing changed in California

I don't see what this has to do with the sunset of the Semi-automatic weapons ban, but apparently one media source in California does, or is alluding to it.

I stole ...err ... got this from SayUncle, who got it from somewhere else. Thanks Uncle.

So what it happened in California
The article opens with A day after a federal ban on assault weapons expired, an unknown gunman sprayed 10 rounds from a rifle into the second-floor windows of the Sheriff's Department Headquarters.

Don't get me wrong I am not dispassionate or happy this happened at all. True the Federal Homeland defense firearms ban did expire on Monday and this apparently happened Tuesday morning, but this is California, a state with their own Homeland Defense Firearms ban, and a much stricter one than just sunset too.

When the law ceased to exist it had absolutely no effect, none, nadda, zip, zilch on the left most coast state. When Californians woke up Monday morning, they were not free to excercise the same re-established rights that most of the country could. (yes there are a few other states with their own AWB laws too) To pen an article that starts out blaming the non-renewal of the ban for an incident, in a state were it had no effect what so ever is to say the least dis-engenuous and down right misleading, especially when the offending firearm has not even been identified. It could very well have been something that is still perfectly legal in California.

This guy must have gotten his credentials from the drive-up window at the "McRather School of Journalism", where the arches are not golden, they are YELLOW.

Even the Sheriff's Official had to get a dig in at the the non-renwal; Officials said they believe the shooting happening a day after the ban ended is likely coincidental.

Coincidental? Maybe, but if it was related in anyway, it was probably someone who was upset about the California law still being on the books, not the sunset of a Federal one. If that is the case why the Sheriff's Office? More than likely it was a former guest that was complaining about his/her last vacation at the Graybar Resort Hotel. Maybe they didn't leave the light on or something. The shooter was probably to illiterate to fill out the critique card and mail it in like normal people. There is a very high probability that who ever did this has been previously convicted of crimes and inelligable from owning a firearm anyway.

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