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Thursday, September 02, 2004

In Texas we call it walking .......

A good ole' Texas knife fight
If the speeches made by the two Presidential Candidates had been a knife fight, John Kerry would have been cut four ways. Long. Wide. Deep. and Repeatedly.

I watched both speeches
What I heard from John Kerry was "when it comes to this I have a plan do it better", "When it comes to that I have a plan do it different" and "You'll just have to wait until I get in the White House to see how I plan to do it." Oh and by the way I want to raise your taxes while I'm at it. With all these plans he has you would have thought he could have shared just one with us during that speech.

What I heard from George Bush was "THIS is what I have accomplished", "THESE are the results" and if you give me four more years THIS is what what I will continue to do."

Specifics, Specifics, Specifics !!
Dubya is running on his record as President, a record anyone is old enough to vote has lived through. John Kerry is hiding behind the four months of Military combat service he did long before a lot of voters were even born.
Why would he want or have to do this? The answer is simple, his twenty years in the Senate are just too liberal, even for members of his own party. People like Zell Miller, and others, who remember a strong pro-American Democratic Party.

What Senator Kerry doesn't get
Senator Kerry knows what the point is. The point it is not what he did or didn't do in Southeast Asia 35 yrs ago, nor is it what George Bush did, or didn't do in Alabama 30 years ago.
The point is about what George Bush has done as President in the last four years and it is about what John Kerry has tried to do in the Senate for the last twenty years.

John Kerry can't run on his record in the senate, if he did it would expose the things he has done to the detrement of this country. Things that Zell Miller quite abley pointed out. And what was the Kerry camp response? Miller is mean spirited and angry. Your damn right he is and so are a lot of people, because they know the truth about John Kerry.

I have not heard one person refute the things Miller said. They won't, because they can't. They will take the typical liberal tact and shoot the messenger rather than debate the issues.

John Kerry thought he would be safe hiding out on his Swift Boat. His typical liberal way of thinking had him believing that time heals all wounds. He never took into account that those people he so agregiously injured with his Senate testimony 30 years were still amoung the walking wounded. Are the Swift Boat Vets telling the truth? Well in any court of law in this land when you have 240 people testify against one, odds are, you will get a conviction every time.


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